You may remember meeting Karen, one of my former adult students, in this post from last September.  She was one of my first RMM students at Senseney Music in Wichita.

I recently received an exciting update from Karen.  Perhaps her story is the inspiration you need to tackle your new years resolution or check the next item off your bucket list!

Karen says:

“I spent the Christmas holiday in Miami, Florida with my family and was able to fellowship with the church where my dad is pastor.Would you believe that during our mid-week prayer service on Wednesday, December 21st my dad asked me if I could open the service with a few selections on the piano. I thought I was going to faint!!!! But remembering what you taught me, to be calm and relaxed, I was able to play two Christmas Carols (Silent Night and Away in a Manger), and one hymn (Sweet Hour of Prayer), from my piano lesson books. The real payoff was that the congregation was able to sing along as I played. I had never felt so much anxiety in my life, but yet at the same time, I was never so proud of what I had accomplished in such a short time. Needless to say,  my dad was very proud too!”

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