I’ve noticed that my elementary and middle school students will take any chance they can get to hold and play with an iPod, so I’ve been taking advantage of this opportunity to get them to practice theory drills.  🙂

My hour-long Piano Lessons/Lab for kids allows for plenty of time to try out theory games and apps.  Lately we’ve been enjoying Music Theory Pro.

My beginning students have mostly been using it to identify note names and intermediate students have been practicing intervals and chords.  A couple of my students are almost ready to try the key signature and ear training drills.

There is a running clock and you receive a score at the end (number correct/total questions).  Students are motivated to play again to beat their score.

I like that you can choose your own setting for each drill.  For example, on note names, you can choose which clef or clefs you would like to name notes on.  I do wish that you had more control over the settings, though, because the drills aren’t really progressive.  For key signatures, it is assumed that the student can be drilled on all key signatures, but most of my students only know a handful of sharp and flat signatures so far.  It would be nice to be able to select how difficult the questions are going to be.

It is fun to have this app as a supplement to my usual written and computer theory drills!  I’m looking out for more apps to use at the piano.  I’ll let you know what I find!

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  1. Hi Megan,

    I’m glad you are enjoying the app and finding it helpful to your students. I wrote it partly out of a motivation to make music theory fun for my own kids. Best to you and your students,


  2. Thanks, Joel! Its nice to have some fun options for music theory. I wish I had your app in my college ear training days! 🙂

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