As a piano teacher, I buy a lot of sheet music! I try to keep a lot of books on hand for students who are ready for new music. And of course, we’re always on the search for new music to learn. With all of the sheet music that we purchase around here, these are my top sheet music sources.

Local Music Store

I try to support my local music store as much as I can. A brick and mortar music store is the only way to browse sheet music and have contact with real people that can help you find music. If we want to have this option, it’s important to shop at these stores.

With 2 small kids, I don’t have many opportunities to drop in to our local store just to browse, but I try to go several times a year to search for new music and stock up on books that I know my students will need.

Our local music store has a great selection of sheet music, so it’s a lot of fun to check out what’s new and I almost always leave with some exciting new finds.


Amazon is one of my top choices for buying printed sheet music, primarily because it’s just so convenient. Thanks to my Amazon Prime membership with free 2-day shipping, I can get books delivered to my front door within a couple of days. This is super handy when students are ready for new books. Often times, as they are finishing up a book, I’ll pull up the Amazon app on my phone and scan the next book that they’ll need and order it on the spot. Then, it’s here well before their next lesson.

Amazon is really dependable for most sheet music basics like current method books, collections of piano solos and classics. Sometimes if I’m looking for something very specific or out of date, I have to look elsewhere, but otherwise Amazon has an excellent selection of print music.

Some of my regular Amazon sheet music purchases include The Piano Adventures series and all of the corresponding supplemental books, Phillip Keveren piano arrangements, the In Recital series, and Returning To The Piano (which is my favorite recommendation for adults who know a little piano already).

My family uses Amazon Prime for pretty much everything – household items, shoes, clothes, gifts, office supplies for my studio, books, games, baby gear and kids’ items. If you’re not on the Amazon Prime bandwagon yet, you can get a free 1-month trial here. I highly recommend it!

Sheet Music Plus

Sheet Music Plus is great because I can find almost any book or piece of music that I’m searching for. Compared to Amazon, the free shipping is a bit slow, so I don’t tend to order from Sheet Music Plus if I need something promptly, or I’m prepared to fork over more money for the faster shipping.

However, a great feature of Sheet Music Plus is that many songs are available for instant download. I use this feature all the time for students who request a song. We can buy it, print it and start learning it within minutes.

Sheet Music Plus is a really great alternative if you can’t get to a physical store. Most songs have the option to view at least a couple of the pages, hear a part of or all of the piece and sometimes there is even a video demonstrating the music.

I think of the collection of music at Sheet Music Plus to be very pedagogically sound, meaning it’s very much geared towards teachers and piano learners. This means that they have a huge and very reliable selection of supplemental piano repertoire in print form, and you’ll also find a great variety of downloadable arrangements of songs, especially by current pedagogical arrangers and composers.

Sheet Music Plus Easy Rebates

Another feature that’s great about Sheet Music Plus is their Easy Rebate Program. Teachers who sign up automatically earn an 8% rebate on all orders. This really adds up when you’re buying a lot of sheet music!

Music Notes

Music Notes, or is another regular stop on my circuit when I’m searching for sheet music. All of the sheet music on is available for instant download. This means it’s not the place I would go to for piano method books or collections of piano solos for me or my students. On the other hand, if you want to be able to access your sheet music immediately, Music Notes has plenty to offer.

I most often use Music Notes when I’m looking for a very specific song or piece of music.

You can find classics, hymns, and all other genres of piano music on However, I have found it to be the most useful for finding true-to-the-original versions of popular songs. Whenever I have a student who wants to play the piano part of a song they love, Music Notes is my go-to. A lot of times, you’ll find a transcription of the original song that isn’t watered down, simplified or made into a pedagogical arrangement.

(But, it’s important to note that Music Notes does have it’s own team of arrangers so, they do have a great collection of simplified music if that’s what you’re looking for; it’s just that you’re also more likely to find the original from their website, too.)


So there are my top 4 spots to find all the piano sheet music. Leave a comment below and let me know about other great sheet music resources!


My favorite resources for adults who want to learn piano at home:

Beginning Piano For Adults: This an 8 week online course for busy adults. It’s easy to incorporate into busy schedules and gives you access to a real piano teacher and a supportive online community.

Flowkey: Is an excellent piano tutorial app. It has over 1000 songs of all levels and styles. It includes beginners courses for adults starting from scratch.

Returning To The Piano: This is my favorite book for adults who already know a little piano and would like to continue learning more.

How To Sight Read Piano Music: A lot of people thing playing the piano is kind of magical, but the reality is that anyone who can just sit down in play has put in a lot of work. This post explains how you can practice this important piano skill.


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  1. As much as i love amazon as well …i hate that i cant “look” at the book. So if its a new book i want to explore i have to buy it sight unseen or go find a music store (good luck with that).

    1. I’m with you on that! Sometimes on Sheet Music Plus you can see several pages of the book, which is helpful to determine if it’s the right level. I tend to stick with Amazon for books I buy over and over again or music I’m already familiar with.

    2. I completely agree! One cannot see inside the piano music selection to find out whether the piece of music is appropriate for my level.

  2. My 11 year old grandson needs some more advanced piano music. He is finished with Humoresque and working Tchaikovsky 1. All I can find is easy music. He does mostly rock in the bands and lessons, and need more classical to round out his experience. I have researched all I can on internet. Any more ideas??

  3. Sheet Music Plus has been my go to source since the majority of brick and mortar music stores in the Denver don”t carry sheet music any more. The problem with Sheet Music Plus is that service is slow – even with upgraded shipping.

    1. I agree! Shipping can be really slow. I order from them when I’m stocking up or if I can print immediately, but if I need a hard copy quickly, I check other places first.

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