I’m delighted to review a book that fits in so nicely with the theme of my Practice Tips Series!  I am a huge advocate of making piano music more accessible to families and 101 Piano Practice Tips by Tracy Selle is a great resource to help families keep their children engaged at the piano.

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101 Piano Practice Tips is divided into thematic sections, so parents are sure to find ways to help their students, regardless of age, ability or level.  Here are some of the sections:  Create A Great Environment, How To Encourage More Practice, How To Encourage Quality Practice, Make It Fun: Accountability, How To Help Older Students, Help! My Child Wants To Quit Piano.

Here’s a sampling of some of the practice tips that I plan to encourage my own families to try:

  • Let your child have some say in the decor around the piano.  If it appeals to them, they will want to spend more time at the piano.
  • Implement a “practice before electronics” rule.
  • Let your child wear a practice hat while practicing.
  • Have your child perform over the phone to grandparents.
  • Use apps to practice certain skills away from the piano (Tracy suggests several good apps to try.)
  • Be a good example and show your kids that you also commit to learning new things or setting goals.

With 101 options, this book would be great to pull out when your student hits a slump or seems bored or distracted from piano.  A small investment in a resource like 101 Piano Practice Tips will definitely pay off and help families get the most out of their piano lessons.

101 Piano Practice Tips is available on Amazon.

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  1. Megan, I bought the e-book on Amazon and am delighted with it. I would like my students’ parents, however, to be able to read it, also. I doubt that either of the families I am thinking of would be able to buy, download, and read it. I would be happy to have them pay for it, get the money to you, and print it for them, but do not see any way of doing those things. I would also buy a print copy for each of them, if it were available. Do you have any ideas for me? (I have a very small studio and no web page or blog of my own.)

    Thank you for any help.

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