I’m thrilled to welcome E-Z Notes to the Very Piano family! E-Z Notes is a wonderful line of tactile piano teaching tools that piano students love using.

Check out E-Z Notes in the Very Piano Shop.

I bought my first E-Z Notes magnetic dry erase staff board almost 20 years ago and it has always been a staple item in my piano studio.

Who knew all those years ago that I would have the privilege of carrying on the E-Z Notes legacy that was started by Lucy Chu in 1989.

I’ve been acquainted with Lucy’s daughter, Laura, for many years and she even used to drop ship E-Z Notes products that were sold on Very Piano. I was so sad to hear that Laura was retiring and E-Z Notes was closing a couple of years ago. 

Right before this past Christmas, my studio did a big Piano Scales Olympics event where all of my students did a crash course in scales for the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas break. During that time, one of my students fell in love with using my set of E-Z Notes scale blocks, so much that she put them on her Christmas list! Her mom asked me where to get a set so I reconnected with Laura and that led us into many conversations about the future of E-Z Notes. I’m so honored that Lucy and Laura were willing to pass the E-Z Notes torch on to me.

After many phone calls, video calls, emails and texts with Laura, we finally got to meet each other at the MTNA conference in Atlanta.

Without further ado, let’s meet the full line up of E-Z Notes products that are now available right here in the Very Piano Shop.

E-Z Notes Scale Blocks

If you’ve never gotten your hands on a set of scale blocks, you’re really missing out! Add these to your cart right away and you’ll see how quickly music theory concepts start to click with your students. Really, they’re magical!

Scale blocks can be used to teach all of the patterns found in the circle of fifths. Whenever I first show them to a student, they can instantly play all 12 major scales and are often excited to get their own set of blocks to use at home.

The blocks are magnetic so they are really easy to work with and they fit nicely into a wooden box for storage.

Get your set of E-Z Note Scale Blocks now.

E-Z Notes Rhythm Blocks

E-Z Notes Rhythm blocks are a terrific resource to help students work with time signatures and note values. This set comes with a key signature block plus a huge variety of rhythm blocks.

The rhythm blocks have different rhythms printed on all 4 sides of the blocks so that you can easily flip them around and practice different combinations. The blocks are different sizes to represent the different lengths of measures in each time signature. For example, a 3/4 block is just a little shorter than a 4/4 block.

Click here to get a set of E-Z Notes Rhythm Blocks.

E-Z Notes Small Magnetic Staff Board with Fit-a-Rhythm Insert

The E-Z Notes Magnetic Staff Board wins the prize for having the most variety of uses! It’s 9×12 inches and just the right size for a student to hold while sitting at the piano.

The staff and keyboard on the front provide endless possibilities for learning notation, chords, scales, and tons of other music theory concepts. It comes with small magnets that can represent notes, or you can use a dry erase marker to write on it.

The back of the board includes a single staff with plenty of space to explore ledger lines and also has a string instrument chart for violin, viola, cello or ukulele.

In addition to all of the notation based activities you could do with this board, it also includes a Fit-a-Rhythm insert with magnetic notes to help students learn how to build measures for different time signatures.

Get your E-Z Notes Magnetic Staff Board here!

E-Z Notes Large Magnetic Staff Board

The E-Z Notes Large Magnetic Staff Board is 18×24 inches and perfect for group or online lessons. It’s big enough to see from a distance or over a screen but not so big that it requires tons of space. It comes with magnetic clef signs as well as larger magnets to use for notes on the staff. It’s also a dry erase board and the back side is a blank chalk board.

I often use this board to show my to show the landmark notes on the staff and have the students put all of the magnets on the correct landmarks. The larger board and magnets are really great for younger kids who need a lot of kinesthetic experience with the staff in a larger format.

This board should be a staple teaching resource in every piano studio.

Click here to get an E-Z Notes Large Magnetic Staff Board.

E-Z Notes Music Tiles

E-Z Notes Music Tiles are a fun hands-on tool that fit perfectly on a piano key. Some of them are pre-printed showing landmark notes on the staff and students have to place them on the corresponding keys. Yellow tiles are for the treble clef and blue tiles are for the bass clef. It also comes with plenty of blank staff tiles so that you or your students can draw their own notes on the staff and place them on the keys.

Get E-Z Notes Music Tiles here.

E-Z Notes Staff Rubber Stamp & Make-Your-Own Flashcards Kit

My students love making their own flash cards! I’ve noticed that when students have many hands-on opportunities to work with the staff, reading notation becomes a lot easier. Use the E-Z Notes Staff Rubber Stamp & Make-Your-Own Flashcards Kit to help work kinesthetically with the staff. Then, they can use their own flashcards to continue studying their notes, chords, scales or key signatures.

This kit includes:

  • 1 E-Z Notes Staff Rubber Stamp
  • 1 Black stamp pad
  • 5 sets of blank flash cards (50 cards in each set, attached with a binder ring)
  • 2 Erasable pens

Click here to get your E-Z Notes Staff Rubber Stamp & Make-Your-Own Flashcards Kit.

E-Z Notes E-Z Keys Scale Flashcards

E-Z Key Scale Flashcards provide a handy reference to understand the basic structure of scales and key signatures. The set includes all Major keys (orange cards) and all minor keys (gray cards) plus several reference and instructional cards.

We use these flashcards for a fun activity in my studio where we lay out all of the cards and the students have to build a giant circle of fifths on the floor with them. This set of cards includes Major and minor octave scales.

Click here to get your E-Z Notes E-Z Key Scale Flashcards.

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