These little 1-inch pins are the glue that holds my piano studio together!

Several years ago, I created a system where my students are always working towards earning pins as they pass different levels and learn different skills and pieces of music in their piano lessons. Martial Arts students have belts and scouts have badges, but I’ve always thought it was discouraging there’s not a simple, standardized system to help piano students succeed. So I created Piano Progress Pins!

My students love earning pins for achieving different milestones and challenges and these pins have proven to be very motivating!

The first week of each month is award week and at the beginning of lessons that week, students collect all of the pins they have earned in the past month and add them to their collection displayed on their piano bag.

Awarding Piano Progress Pins once a month seems to be just the right frequency to keep students engaged all month long. Since piano is such a long-game activity, it’s really helpful to give students small, little bite-sized goals each month to help them maintain forward momentum in their piano progress.

These pins are the perfect little motivator and students are so proud to show off their collection of pins that they have earned.

We hand make all of the pins in our studio and teachers are always asking me how they can get their own pins.

Piano Progress Pins are now available here on Very Piano!

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Every pin is still hand made in my studio. We have tons of designs available and more designs rolling out all the time.

Some pins correlate with specific milestones such as finishing a book or learning a duet but many of them are general pins that you could reward for completing any piano-related task.

A great part about sharing these pins with your students is that you have the flexibility to choose how students can earn them. They’re definitely more special than earning a sticker, so you’ll want to come up with specific goals that students can reach to earn their pins.

For example, you might have students aim for a practice goal, learn a special piece of music, master scales, complete theory or sight reading assignments or accomplish other tasks.

You’ll also want to make sure your students have a place to display all of their pins. If your students don’t already carry a piano bag to their lessons, I highly recommend getting some for your students.

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Not only do they help keep all of their books organized, but they are also the perfect canvas for displaying all of their Piano Progress Pins. You can also find piano bags in the Very Piano Shop.

Students feel really proud watching their collection of Piano Progress Pins grow and it’s a great way to show parents what their child is learning too.

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