I am excited to share with you that my course, Teach Preschool Music, is now open for enrollment!

I’ve devoted many, many hours to this course in the past few months and I am thrilled with how it has come together! I can’t wait to help piano teachers on their journey to becoming a preschool music teacher.

Before my daughter was born, I knew that I wanted to be able to share and enjoy music with her. I didn’t want to wait 5+ years until she was ready for piano lessons, but I also had no idea how to work with and interact with the under 5 crowd in the context of music.

I had previously taught a few piano lessons to preschoolers, but admittedly, I had no idea what I was doing. When teaching young students, I would basically just treat them like miniature piano students. We would do ok with the piano, but looking back on those lessons now, it’s clear that they could have and should have been so much more.

Preschoolers need to move, have the freedom to express themselves and learn how to tap into their natural musical intuition. None of these things are possible if you attempt to teach a preschool in a tradition piano lesson format.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about teaching preschoolers. I’ve spent a lot of time refining my approach to planning and teaching preschool music classes. I have developed some simple techniques that I follow in every class to keep things simple, yet effective for young children.

I would love to share these techniques with you and give you some simple tools and resources that you can use so that you can see that preschool music classes don’t have to be complicated or elaborate. You simply have to focus on the children, encourage their need to move and lay a strong foundation for their future musical endeavors.

Click here to learn more about Teach Preschool Music or to enroll in the course.



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