When many people become interested in learning the piano, whether young or old, there’s usually a hint of fear, nervousness or uncertainty about trying something new. As a piano teacher, one of my biggest goals is to help people feel successful and comfortable every step of the way.

Really, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about when learning the piano! It’s always admirable to learn a new skill.

I asked some pros – all of my elementary through high school students, to share their best advice for someone getting ready to learn the piano. They offered some great tips! And, I was pleasantly surprised to see the recurring theme of “practice”! 🙂

On making mistakes

If you get frustrated and keep messing up, just try again until can do it! – Caroline, 12

Try your best, even if you mess up. – Violet, 9

Don’t stress if you mess up! – Henry, 9

Accept that you will make mistakes. You’ll surprise yourself if you push yourself and keep going! – Quinn, 17

If you mess up, its ok, you can just try again. – Kaylee, 8

If you’re scared to play the piano, it’s ok! You just have to have courage! – Alexis, 9

On practice

You need to always practice and soon you’ll be able to play as a professional! You always need to concentrate. – Lucy, 7

Work hard and practice hard because practice makes perfect! – Rylan, 9

You get better if you practice. – Nicholas, 8

Practice 24/7, if you can! – Chaz, 13

With practice you can become great! – Chloe, 13

You should practice for 10 minutes or more! – Lailie, 7

Practice a lot and that’s how you get better. Never give up! – Annabelle, 11

Practice a lot. – Graem, 9

Practice everyday! – Rocco, 7

You just have to practice hard! – Liam, 6

On focus and effort

Look at the piano book to learn the notes! – Aurora, 7

Don’t play around when you’re supposed to be doing your piano! Do not disobey when you are learning a song. – Persephone, 7

Try your best! – Catherine, 10

You should put emotions into the songs that you play so you don’t sound like a robot. – Taylor, 13

Don’t be afraid try something new just because it looks scary. The rewards are worth it. – Christine, 17

Try your best and do a good job! – Daniella, 7

You need to listen to the teacher and cooperate. – Sophie, 4

On keeping musical concepts straight

Every Good Boy Does Fine tells you the treble clef lines! – Nicholas, 8

Make sure you learn the basics before you try something too hard. The piano is the best instrument to learn first because it similar to a lot of other instruments. – Kalliope, 10

Only letters up to G on the piano. To be good at piano you have to practice and stay still while you are playing. – Helen, 6



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