Here are my favorite products and services that I love to recommend to students, parents and other teachers:

For Everyone:

Yamaha P-115 “Keyboard” – This is really a portable digital piano, but many people refer to it as a keyboard. I have 2 of these in my studio and I recommend this digital piano to all of my students looking for something substantial enough to learn piano on but also simple, space efficient and economical.

Sustain Pedal – Most keyboards come with a compact switch pedal, but I recommend getting a pedal like this one because it’s much more like the pedal on real piano and much sturdier

Flowkey – This is a really neat subscription based website with interactive piano tutorials. I love using this with all my students, especially those that to prefer to learn away from sheet music. It has hundreds of popular, classical and traditional songs and the monthly fee is comparable to the price of a book. I often hear about parents wanting to learn piano with their kids, and this would be the perfect way for a busy parent to learn.

Sheetmusicplus – This is my go-to spot to look for sheet music online. I most often use the instant digital downloads because it’s so quick – you pay and print. They almost always have print sheet music I’m looking for.

Iwako Erasers – You can read more about how I use these in piano lessons here. These would be a great investment for a parent to make at home to help with practice, but I would recommend making them a piano-only treat. Students love placing them on keys to help find landmarks, using them to count repetitions or playing with them as a reward for a good practice session.

Highlighter Tape – I always have a roll of highlighter tape on hand. Unlike a highlighter marker, it’s removable, so it’s a great way to temporarily mark a student’s sheet music. We use it to mark dynamic changes, sharps and flats, sections of music and pretty much anything that needs a splash of color!

Papermate Flair Pens – Every couple of years, I invest in a good set of colorful pens to use with my students. This year, I’m using Papermate Flair Pens. They are my favorite set so far. The tips are durable enough to withstand kid’s heavy use and there is a huge variety of color. I don’t make tons of markings in my students’ music, but I can tell what I do write makes a bigger impact when it is in a bright color.

For Teachers:

Music Teacher’s Helper – I’ve used this service for many years and it’s exactly what I need to help me keep track of my studio records. Through MTH, you can get a free studio website, which I used for several years before I created my own. There is an online registration form, an invoicing system, studio calendar and scheduling features, ways to track your lending library and much more. Even if you only use a handful of the features, it’s well worth it. Use the link above to get 10% off your first month!

Tonic Tutor – I’ve tried out a number of different web-based theory programs, and this is my favorite! The games are current and engaging. Each student gets a weekly assignment that automatically resets each week. The only upkeep on my part is to set their level, which I update periodically as they progress through their method books. The leveling of the games easily corresponds with a number of different method book series. Use the code kjp7ts to get 50% off your first month.

Better Practice App – I’ve written several reviews of Better Practice App, and I highly recommend it for a way to track your students’ practice, set goals, and communicate with them. It has motivated many of my students unlike anything else. By following this link, you can try it out with your whole studio for a month.

Piano Maestro – This is absolutely the best app to supplement piano lessons. Students of all ages love it and I have truly noticed a big difference in my students’ rhythm and sight-reading skills.

Composecreate – I love teaching Wendy Steven’s arrangements and compositions. Her music is accessible and interesting to students of all ages and great for recitals and competitions. Her website is also a great resource for teachers.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link.