The Pianissimo Store just got updated with Piano Practice Pads. This is something you’ll want to check out!

Piano Practice Pads are light-weight, 3-dimensional piano keyboards. They don’t make any sound and the keys don’t move, but they have tons of awesome uses both in piano lessons and in piano practicing.

In Piano Lessons

I keep one right by my piano and I’m always pulling it out to help students discover concepts with it.

They are really great to help students learn fingering and to practice small passages without the distraction of worrying about if their music sounds right.

Piano practice pads are great for playing games. My students love to use our Iwako erasers on them to practice finding different keys, sharps and flats, whole steps and half steps, chords and scales.

They’re also handy to have nearby for theory work and while analyzing scores.

In Group Lessons

Piano Practice Pads are ideal in a group setting. If you’ve ever taught groups of piano students, you know that having so many hands on pianos at once can get really hectic. Piano Practice Pads are perfect for groups students to practice on while they learn their music. Then, when they go to the piano, they can confidently find their notes. Since Piano Practice Pads don’t make any sound, students can sing the pitches they are playing, which is a really a valuable part of learning music.

At Home Practice

Ideally, you want all of your students to have Piano Practice Pad in their toolbox for piano practice. This way they can repeat activities you did in their lessons or classes. Also, since they are so portable, students can work with them in the car or on trips where they are away from the piano.

Preschool Music Classes

Piano Practice Pads are great for preschoolers because they are so light. They give your students something tangible to work with as they are beginning to learn about the piano. Preschoolers need a lot of time to discover some of the basic piano concepts, so having this tool away from the piano works really well for them.

Piano Practice Pads are available in the Pianissimo Store in sets of 2 for $34.99.




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