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Many of my piano students learn to read music invervallically, meaning that they find a note based on how far away it is from the previous note. I find that a lot of student have trouble differentiating between the intervals at first because they are only subtly different from each other.

When I’m helping my student read the intervals, I’m often trying to think of recognizable images that they could relate to interval, for example, a third looks like 2 layers of a snowman and a fifth looks like a snowman missing his middle.

My artist friend helped me put together some images to depict the first intervals a student learns: 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Aren’t they cute?! These would make a nice set of posters to display on a studio wall, but I mostly use them in a flashcard format, so that we can look at them closely while at the piano.

While we were at it, we went ahead and put together a series of other images that I use frequently.

  • Doghouse D on the keyboard
  • Landmark notes on the staff – Bass F (fish), Treble G (giraffe), D (drop), B (bubble)
  • Snowman Chord
  • Snowman Inversions
  • Tall snowman 7th Chord

The full set of files is available in the Pianissimo Store for only $3. It includes 11 different pdf files – the intervals, plus the ones listed above.



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