I’m naturally a pen and paper kind of person. I used to keep notebooks to track my studio enrollment, payments, how much student owed and more. I had giant binders full of forms, charts, and spreadsheets for every student. My system did the job, but it definitely wasn’t very efficient. And, it took up a lot of space. I had to diligently keep track of every detail of my business. If a student owed money, I had to track it down myself.

Early on in my teaching career, I decided that I needed to invest in a way to make bookkeeping and invoicing as simple as possible. Duet Partner is exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve used Duet Partner for over 15 years (!) and I highly recommend it for teachers who need to streamline any type of organization within their studio.

Duet Partner has tons of great features, but even if you only use a handful of them, it’s absolutely worth it!

For me, I primarily use it for keeping track of student registrations, invoicing and bookkeeping.

When I have a new student interested in starting piano lessons, they fill out a custom registration form that I designed using Duet Partner. Once they are registered, they are placed on my waiting list until I change their status to an active student.

For all of my active students, I can easily charge fees and enter payments. Each month I use Duet Partner to generate an invoice that is automatically emailed to any family with a balance. The invoice is linked to PayPal, so parents can quickly pay online.

Parents can log in and view their balance at any time.

These few features have been invaluable to my piano studio. It’s nice to have a system already in place so that I don’t have to spend my time creating spreadsheets and tracking payments. If a family owes money, I simply resend the invoice to remind them to pay – no awkward texts or phone calls!

Duet Partner helps me maintain polished and professional interactions with current and potential students.

Other features of Duet Partner that I don’t use as much but may interest you:

  • Calendar and Scheduling
  • Lending Library Tracking
  • Mileage and Business Expense Tracking
  • Automated Reminders Sent To Students
  • Mass Emailing
  • Lesson Notes

Many of these features would be something parents could login and see. For example, you could post your studio calendar, make a schedule showing when you have openings, let families see which books they are borrowing from you or allow parents to read a notes from their child’s lesson.

Duet Partner has quick and helpful customer service and I’ve never had any problems with their service.

I’ve been more than happy with my choice to use Duet Partner.

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