A lot of adults say that they’ve always wanted to play the piano, or that they wish that they had stuck with it when they learned as a child. The good news is that it’s never too late to learn or return to the piano!

Playing the piano is fun, satisfying, and mentally stimulating. It’s an awesome skill to add to your repertoire. Adults don’t to have to play in recitals or play for anyone else, for that matter. You can move at exactly your own pace and hone in on your own musical interests. Sounds like a win!

If you’re an adult who wants to learn piano and you’re not really sure how to get started, check out these 3 great resources:

 1. Returning To The Piano

If you have had some kind of music in their past, I highly recommend the book Returning to the Piano by Wendy Stevens. Wendy is a friend of mine and an excellent teacher and composer. She carefully designed this book to be just the right level and pace for an adult who is re-remembering their piano skills.

There is a wide variety of musical styles represented in this book. Wendy’s arrangements are beautiful, accessible and creative. This book also offers a good dose of information and music theory to help you put all of the puzzle pieces together.

2. Flowkey

Flowkey is a web-based app that has tutorials for hundreds of songs on the piano.  This is a great solution for a busy adult who wants to learn piano on their own time without committing to weekly lessons.

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Flowkey is a great way to get started on the piano because it includes an interactive online course that gets you playing the piano from scratch. Once you’ve worked through the course, flowkey suggests songs that you are ready to learn. All of the songs on the app are divided into 4 levels that range from very easy to very difficult. There’s really something for everyone on it. You can choose from music in many different styles, included movie themes, classics, popular music, jazz and more.

You can create a free account on flowkey where you’ll have access to 8 songs of various styles and levels for free. This will give you a chance to try out the process to see how it works.

3. Beginning Piano For Adults


I was inspired to create Beginning Piano For Adults when I noticed a trend with my adult piano students.

I frequently get new adult piano students like you who are excited to learn the piano and are 100% motivated to put in the work. But, unfortunately, adult schedules often aren’t suited to weekly piano lessons at a consistent time. It’s really common that after a few piano lessons, all kinds of things pop up that prevent my adult piano students to continuing their lessons. Work trips get scheduled, family members get sick, kids start new sports schedules, and the list goes on.

All of these are legitimate, understandable reasons to have to cancel piano lessons.

I knew that there had to be a good way to get the information the your hands in a way that complements your schedules, rather than competing with everything going on in your busy life.

Beginning Piano For Adults is a fun, simple way to get started on the piano. When I created it, I wanted you to feel like you were virtually stepping into my piano studio each week (or however frequently you log in!).

The lessons in the course are conversational and I break things down into tiny pieces so that you can consume as much or as little as you want at one time.

The course is entirely self-paced which means that you can move forward when you are ready, or you can repeat songs or lessons as much as you would like. You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so there is no timeline in which the course must be completed.

The course assumes that you know nothing about playing the piano, but after the 8 lessons, you’ll know your way around the piano, be able to play with both hands, understand how to read music, know some basic chords and have a strong foundation of music vocabulary and concepts.

Many adults are also enjoying using this course as a refresher to the piano and to try out a different approach to learn the piano.

I also want this course to be a fun and relaxing experience. It includes 26 songs that are all set to full orchestrated accompaniment tracks. You learn how to play along with music and it feels like you’re really jamming with other musicians. The songs are in all different styles and you’ll recognize some familiar tunes and discover brand new music. Playing the piano this way is satisfying, invigorating and exciting!

Click here to learn more and get started with Beginning Piano For Adults.

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