When I plan my preschool music classes, I’m always scouring the Internet for themed lists of songs. Kerrie of learningbystep.com created a really fun playlist of Valentine’s themed songs for young children. This list is perfect for young children because it focuses on friendship and loyalty, rather than sappy, romantic love. I’m sure I’ll be using many of these songs in future music classes!

  1. I Can Be Your Friend, Veggie Tales
  2. You’ve Got a Friend in Me, Randy Newman (featured in Toy Story)
  3. Lean on Me, Bill Withers or Club Nouveau
  4. Mail Myself to You, Woodie Guthrie
  5. Friend like Me, Aladdin
  6. Thank You For Being a Friend, Andrew Gold
  7. I’ll Be There, The Jackson 5
  8. Count On Me, Bruno Mars
  9. Eight Days a Week, The Beatles
  10. A Tisket, A Tasket, Ella Fitzgerald

Kerrie gives some great ideas for activities to do with this playlist, such as a cake walk and a freeze dance/movement activity. These would be perfect for a preschool class but also great ice breakers for a piano group lesson or other event.  You can read the complete instructions for each activity here.

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