I’m excited to share with you some exciting news from Pianissimo! I have some fun behind-the-scenes work happening that you’ll want to know about it! But first, scaffolding!

Scaffolding is kind of a strange name for a really important teaching concept! If you work with very young students or if you have young children of your own, you need to know about scaffolding!

Scaffolding is a teaching technique where you demonstrate a skill to your child, then let them imitate you. Once they imitate you you can build on what their doing, then let them continue to imitate you. In scaffolding, the child will discover new ways to explore a concept and the parent or teacher is simply facilitating their discoveries.

An example of scaffolding to teach a young child to keep a steady beat with an egg shaker would go like this:

  • You shake an egg shaker to the beat of music.
  • Your child starts shaking along with you.
  • If they’re not finding the beat, just repeat this activity consistently. It may take days, weeks or months, but eventually they will start to land on the beat.
  • If they can already keep a steady beat, change the way you shake your shaker. Tap it on your head.
  • Let you child imitate you tapping the shaker on your head. If your child decides to tap it on their leg, you can imitate your child and tap it on your leg.
  • Then, you change it up and tap it on the floor; let your child follow suit.
  • Continue this exchange for as long as your child stays in engaged.

Scaffolding may seem simple, but it’s a really powerful way for your child to learn. Your child will pick up new ways of using the instrument and this repetition will teach them to find a steady beat.

I find that often times, parents can see that their child enjoys music, but they’re not sure how to help them. Scaffolding is a perfect technique for parents to use on a daily basis, and it’s one that we use a lot in my Preschool Music Class.

And, speaking of my Preschool Music Class, I’m thrilled to tell you about a new program, especially for people who love working with small children, or who want to work more with small children!

Teach Preschool Music Course

Pianissimo Courses, my online school is launching in just a few short weeks and it will be a spot for both piano teachers and students to take their learning to the next level.

Teach Preschool Music will be the first course to roll out in late August. If you’ve ever considered adding a preschool music program to your studio offerings, this course is for you! It will teach you exactly what you need to do implement a successful preschool music program. It covers everything from child development, lesson planning, finding materials, communicating with parents, business planning and more!

I can’t wait to share about it with you! If you’d like to be the first to know about Teach Preschool Music, leave your email address below and all of the details will go straight to your inbox!

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