A lot of adults say that they’ve always wanted to play the piano, or that they wish that they had stuck with it when they learned as a child. The good news is that it’s never too late to learn or return to the piano!

Playing the piano is fun, satisfying, and mentally stimulating. It’s an awesome skill to add to your repertoire. Adults don’t to have to play in recitals or play for anyone else, for that matter! You can move at exactly your own pace and hone in on your own musical interests. Sounds like a win!

If you’re an adult who wants to learn piano and you’re not really sure how to get started, check out these 3 great resources:

 1. Returning To The Piano

For adults who have had some kind of music in their past, I highly recommend Returning to the Piano by Wendy Stevens. (It’s a great deal on Amazon right now!)  Wendy is a friend of mine and an excellent teacher and composer. She carefully designed this book to be just the right level and pace for an adult who is re-remembering their piano skills.

There is a wide variety of musical styles represented in this book. Wendy’s arrangements are beautiful, accessible and creative. This book also offers a good dose of information and music theory to help you put all of the puzzle pieces together.

2. Flowkey

Flowkey is a Web-based app that has tutorials for hundreds of songs on the piano. (Read all about how it works here.) This would be a great solution for a busy adult who needs to learn piano on their own time.

Flowkey has piano several courses that teach you all about playing the piano, but you can also jump in and try learning one of the hundreds of songs available. The songs are divided into 4 levels, so it’s easy to find something that you’re comfortable with.

3. Recreational Music Making

Recreational Music Making, or RMM, is an approach to learning music where we remove the expectation for performance and high levels of achievement. The focus shifts to playing music for enjoyment in a non-stressful atmosphere. You are truly playing “just for fun”!

This is my absolute favorite approach to teaching adults. All adults can be successful with this approach. If you don’t have an RMM teacher in your area, let’s Skype and I’ll teach you to love playing the piano!




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