As a piano teacher, I buy a lot of sheet music! I try to keep a lot of books on hand for students who are ready for new books. And of course, we’re always on the search for new music to learn! Here are my 3 favorite sheet music sources.

Local Music Store

I try to support my local music store as much as I can. A brick and mortar music store is the only way to browse sheet music and have contact with real people that can help you find music. If we want to have this option, it’s important to shop at these stores.

With 2 small kids, I don’t have many opportunities to drop in to our local store just to browse, but I try to go several times a year to search for new music and stock up on books that I know my students will need.

Our local music store has a great selection of sheet music, so it’s a lot of fun to check out what’s new and I almost always leave with some exciting new finds!

Amazon (especially with prime free shipping)

I’m not sure what I would do without Amazon Prime! The free 2-day shipping is so convenient!   Using the Amazon app, I can easily order a book during a student’s lesson and I know that it will arrive before the next lesson!

It’s really easy to find most current books on Amazon, like the Piano Adventures series. For older or more obscure music, I have to look elsewhere, but it’s nice to get the basics from Amazon.

My family uses Amazon Prime for pretty much everything – household items, shoes, clothes, gifts, office supplies for my studio, books, games, baby gear and kids’ items. If you’re not on the Amazon Prime bandwagon yet, you can get a free 1-month trial here.

Sheet Music Plus

Sheet Music Plus is great because I can find almost any book or piece of music that I’m searching for. Compared to Amazon, the free shipping is a bit slow, so I don’t tend to order from Sheet Music Plus if I need something promptly.

However, a great features of Sheet Music Plus is that many songs are available for instant download. I use this feature all the time for students who request a song. We can buy it, print it and start learning it within minutes.

Sheet Music Plus is a really great alternative if you can’t get to a physical store. Most songs have the option to view at least a couple of the pages, hear a part of or all of the piece and sometimes there is even a video demonstrating the music.

Sheet Music Plus Easy Rebates

Another feature that’s great about Sheet Music Plus is their Easy Rebate Program. Teachers who sign up automatically earn an 8% rebate on all orders. This really adds up when you’re buying a lot of sheet music!

Of course there are tons of other great online retailers for sheet music, but these are my top choices. Let me know if there are others I should know about!




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